Autodesk CZ
Project management
Jones Lang LaSalle / Arcadis
Lewis Hickey

Danube House, Praha 8
800 m2
55 workplaces, conference rooms (45 places), warehouses, breakout zones

American company Autodesk deals with the development and distribution of the most used CAD software for architects, project makers and constructors. Their product AutoCad became the basic platformo f all CAD softwares.

  • Haworth office furniture
  • Furnishings of the breakout zone by the Scandinavian design furniture
  • Atypical furniture production (reception, kisen, dressing rooms)
  • Floor avers delivery (wooden floor, carpet, pvc, teracco)
  • AV technic for multifunctional conference rooms
  • Construction changes – SKD, ceilings, doors, movable doors
  • Painting - Dulux
  • System dividing glass walls
  • Air-technic amendments (cooling, heating, ventilation)
  • New sanitky equipment, installation works
  • Lights
  • Electroinstallation – high voltage, structured cabelworks
  • Kitchen equipment – espresso maker, dishes, cuttlery
  • General after-construction cleaning
  • Moving
  • Trade-in surrender of old furniture, pre- cleaning


Klient DHL Information Services (Europe)
Project management
Winters Group Inc.
Cigler Marani

The Park, building 05 a 07, Praha 4 - Chodov
25 000 m2
Built-in furniture

DHL belongs to the biggest logistics and spedition companies in the world.It is known mainly by its reliability, speed of delivery (24h), and its worldwide net. Information centre in Prague (together with one in Kuala Lumpur and Scotsdale )belongs to the free main world centres ensuring the IT service for the whole companyThis DHL building in Prague 4 is one of the greatest investments in Czech Republic.

Haworth seating furniture delivery for conference rooms (700 pcs)

Production and installation of atypical and built-in furniture

  • Tea-kitchens including electrical appliances
  • Copyrooms equipment
  • Breakout zones - coffee place
  • AV technic boxes
  • Board room
  • Built-in cabinets
  • Main controlling centre NOC OCC with media wall
  • Entrance walls siding

Construction changes - SDK


PUMA Czech republic

BB Centrum
800 m2

PUMA is one of the wolrd renowned producer of the sports equipment and sports and lemure time fashion. It plays the role of a trend setter in this area, therefore this poject aimed at creating a new modern representative interior corresponding with the overall company culture. With this in mind we have opted for the line POS of the Haworth office furniture, known not only for its perfect quality but also its hi-tech looks. THe adherent areas were then furnished with design scandinavian solitaires.
Součástí nových kanceláří společnosti je i velký korporátní showroom, kde jsou představovány nejnovější kolekce. A brand new big corporate showroom where all the new collestions are introduced is also part of the project.

General satisfaction of the PUMA Czech company led to further cooperation with PUMA Slovak republic, Galvani Centrum, Bratislava.

  • Haworth office furniture delivery
  • Scandinavian design furniture Skandiform
  • Architectonical service
  • Moving
  • Cleaning

Slovenská sporitelňa

Slovenská sporitelňa
Project management
Siebert Talaš

Tomášikova ulice
29 000 m2
Interior dividing walls – 9100m2 (3200 bm)

Slovenská sporitelňa has over 2,6 mil clients and is thus the biggest commercial bank in Slovakia. It has 272branches all over Slovakia. It has been awarded many prestigious těles such as Best bank in Slovakia. It belongs to the austrian Erste Group. The objective of SLSP was to build a new sídlo, which would fully meet the current standards of modern office areas – most effective building with the most advanced technologies, self-sufficient and energetically passive. The interior diving walls were supposed not only to perform its fiction and look well but also to be capable of adaptation in case of need o organizationla chnages in the building. Great focus was also placed on the acustic parametres, where the whole sytem had to fulfil very strict demands, and last but not least on the design corresponding with the general philosophy of the building. It turned out that it is the Hawoth furniture that meet all these need at best and together with the overall attitude of the Scandium team led to our victory over the competition from all aver Europe.

  • Delivery and installation of the dividing walls Haworth. (system of the wooden frame full walls, and double-glazed walls in combination with no-frame glass walls)
  • Acustic isolation
  • Project documentation
  • Graphic works– polep pískovanou folií
  • Cleaning and disposal of the material


Danone Baby Nutrition

U centrum, Evropská ul., Praha 6
250 m2
Complete interior

Danone Baby Nutrition is a result of an aquisition of a dutch company Numico by the international giant Danone. This lead to a substantial reinforcement of Danone in the area of special nutrition (kojenecké a dětské výživy, enterální klinické výživy). The Prague unit is at the same time the management centre for central and eastern Europe and Latin America. Its location was chosen with regard to the accessibility of the Prague airport¨.

  • Consulting, analysis of the suitable office space
  • Solution proposal – capacity study, spaceplan
  • Architectonical solution
  • Construction changes – SDK, mineral ceilings
  • Interior dividing walls
  • Haworth office furniture delivery
  • Construction of the atypical furniture (kitchen)
  • Floor covers delivery (carpet)
  • Painting- Dulux
  • Lighting
  • Electroinstallation – high voltage, structured cabelworks
  • General after construction cleaning
  • Graphic works
  • Moving


AP atelier, Jiří Pelc (spoluúčast na interiéru)

Furniture for dining rooms, coffee houses, tea kitchens, dealing, breakout zones, sofas, conference rooms, flower pots, park furnitore – benches - Offecct, Engelbrechts, Skandiform, inno, Haworth, Lechuza, MMCité

ČSO, member of the KBC group, set a goal of creating new headoffice where all 2 500 employees situated so far in several separate historic biuldings in the centre of Prague would regroup. The location was chosen with main regard to the accessibility by metro - Prague 5 Radlice. The aim was to create a friendly, open-minded building that would be a great place to work at. Secondarilly, the historici charm of old Radlice was meant to be preserved and restored. Josefa Pleskot´s atelier AP was chosen to work on the project. The architects did a great job in designing a maximally open administrative building with great focus on ecology which led to the aquisition of the LEED certificate ( internationally renowed evaluation of the environment preservation). It is a reward for design, construction and functioning of the higly „green“ buildings.
This project belongs ranks number one of all development projects in the whole country. It was awarded a set of other valuable awards – Building of the year 2007, Best of reality 2007 and Grand prix of the architects 2008.

The tender for the furniture of the building was run very carefully and took a long time. Scandium took part in the tender for the work desks and chaos , where thank to the close connection to the Haworth koncern it was able to stand a great international competition. The task of furnishing the whole interior was finally divided between two competitors getting in the final round, Scandium being one of them.

Česká Pojišťovna

Česká Pojišťovna
Gradus Praha

Relaxation and brainstorming zone
Headquarters of ČP, Prague 4 - Pankrác

Česká pojišťovna is an all-purpose insurance company with a long and rich tradition both in life and non-life insurance. Since the competitive environment was re-introduced to our country in 1991, ČP has become the biggest insurance company in the Czech insurance market.

The beautiful space in the cupola of the highest floor of the new headquarters of Česká Pojišťovna by the AHK architects came to life together with our organic furniture of zen colours. The place will serve as a meeting point of not only the company employees but also the clients. The products used : Spoon (Offecct), conference tables Bond (Offecct), bar chairs Mono Light (Offecct), tabourets Chat (Softline), conference tables Flower (Swedese).

Bouwfonds ČR bytová výstavba s. r. o.

Bouwfonds ČR bytová výstavba s. r. o.

Project and realization of a showflat in Cikánka development

There is a new group of eighteen originally styled villas emerging in the middle of the Stodůlky villa quarter, in the U Cikánky Street, Prague 13. With both their outward design and interior arrangement, these novel buildings are bound to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

  • Room layout
  • Architectonical project of interior
  • Complete realization
  • Project, delivery and installation of scandinavian furniture
  • Work desks and chairs in home office and student room – by Haworth
  • Atypical furniture – project and realization, kachen including the appliances
  • Installation of wall papers, home textiles, accessories and decorations

GIGA, spol. s r.o.

GIGA, spol. s r.o.
Ing. arch. Petr Dvořák, Scandium

Příšovice 218, 463 46 Příšovice
250 m2
Complete interior

The company Giga was established on 16 January 1991. The prospectus of the company was the production of electric wire rope hoists of our own design, with a lifting capacity from 250 up to 20,000 kg, and of bridge cranes. The company has built a string position on the czech market and keeps growing. Last year the company started to build a new administrative building and our task was to provide it completely with new furniture in cooperation with both architect and the owner of the company who is a big fan of good design.

  • Consultation and choice of appropriate office furniture line
  • Delivery and installation of office furniture by Haworth
  • Waiting zone with scandinavian design furniture
  • Tea kitchens delivery incl. appliances and its installation
  • Atypical furniture production (built in atypical cabinets)
  • Delivery and installation of floor covers (carpet)

Other reference:

  • ČSOB NHQ Radlice, Praha 5
  • Autodesk
  • Puma CZ
  • AHK Architects
  • Puma SK
  • PORR (Česko)
  • Nippon Express
  • PORR (Slovensko)
  • Coca Cola
  • Budějovická Alej
  • Amgen
  • Skanska Property
  • Ringier Print
  • Ikano Property
  • Aig Lincoln
  • Instituto Cervantes
  • White Case
  • Junkers
  • Altheimer Gray
  • Bosch Odbytová
  • Peugeot
  • Bayer Health Care
  • Ruuki
  • Schering
  • Ness Czech
  • Bolton (Rio Mare)
  • Global Refund
  • Storck (toffifee, merci)
  • Nutricia
  • Takenaka
  • Allianz
  • Lamda Print
  • Scania Finance
  • Auto Palace Spořilov
  • Global Refung (tax free)
  • Ballymore
  • ProLogis
  • Pragonor
  • Suma Interior
  • Vincent Interier
  • Johnson Johnson Vision Care
  • Infosys
  • Eli Lilly
  • Rooney Benett
  • Architecture Engineering Design
  • Colas

Who else speaks for Haworth in Czech Republic.

  • BMW, IBM, T-Mobile, EDS, British American Tabacco, Opel CS, Volsbank, Hilti, Motorola, CSC, Olympus, Basf, KPMG, Commerzbank, ST Micro

Pracovní křeslo Comforto X99 si vybral do své pracovny i prezident ČR.